My last story about Lapland

This will be my last blog about my amazing trip to Lapland.

On the fourth day of this trip we went to Narvik, which is in Norway. We went by bus and it was great to drive through this wonderful landscape and to see a lot of reindeers in the mountains. We also passed by a beautiful fjord. In Narvik we went to a sky hotel, which gave us an amazing view of the city. And because it is not really getting light in Lapland at that time of the year, the sky was instantly pink and blue, which made the view even better.

The last night of our trip, we went into the sauna. This was really nice for relaxing, and when you got too hot, it was possible to cool down in the semi-frozen lake next to the sauna. Which was ice and ice cold, but definitely worth it.

The last day, we went skiing; at least that was what I thought haha. Although, we went cross-country skiing, which is a kind of langlaufing as we say in Dutch. I thought it would be easy to do but it was actually pretty hard! Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun and the view was amazing!

After cross-country skiing, it was time to drive back home. On our way we made a stop at the ice hotel in JukkasjÀrvi, which was build for the 25th time. After a guidance tour and having some free time to see all the rooms, we continued our trip back home.

I can definitely say that this was the most amazing trip I made for so far. It was my highlight of my stay in Sweden and if I had the chance I would definitely go again!!