First week

My first week in Fresno was mainly: working my ass off at the lab. I needed to fix all the paperwork to ensure myself of entrance to all the buildings (even for students in the evening and during the weekends here ;) ). In addition, I started trying analyses in MATLAB with the data that was already there. By this way, I can learn how I can shoot the new movies of the carnivorous plants (with a higher camera speed). In a later post, I will tell more stories about the project, but I was unable to make pictures within the lab (and possibly, I am not allowed to make them over there anyway).

Due to all the work I did in the lab and with all the administration, I could not enjoy the weather as much as I wanted. Today, on my first day of weekend I finally did. And the weather was lovely again: almost 30 degrees Celcius and a strong sun shine. I love it. I know that it will be much toastier when it is summer, but I can handle that.

There are some things that I know about America (because I was here before), but to which I cannot get used to. For example, the very large cans in supermarket. Well, in fact, everything is packed in much larger sizes than we in Holland do. The fridge is also twice its size than mine back in The Netherlands. The second thing is that you can turn left while the traffic light is red! I cannot get that rule! But what I missed is a Starbucks at every corner. I got that back now!