Board meeting & project presentation

Besides studying in four different countries, there is also another aspect, which is very important in the European Master in Food Studies. This is the development of an innovative food product together with 10 EMFS students. An important player in this is “The Board”, which is our sponsor for the team project and provides us with expertise and a budget in order to achieve our goal. Before we can start with our product, the Board needs to approve our proposal by a convincing presentation.

I can tell you, it was one of the most stressful weeks ever in my life. Partly, because the day before the project presentation, was the Board Meeting. Here we met the Board for the first time at a 10 minutes “speed date” for each company, the reason behind this was actually similar to normal speed dates: make them fall in love with your personality and expertise to be able to get hired for your favourite internship next year.

The Project Presentation was nerve-wrecking, intense, but also educational and it was fun to work together with the group. It is interesting (and sometimes frustrating) to see how different cultures have different ideas with regard to a convincing presentation. Although, as long as everybody puts effort to adapt, it works. To be honest, I was quite content with our presentation, however, our product resulted to be too complicated and not feasible within the time-frame of the 2 years in total. Therefore, we will work now on the development of a multipurpose flour of pulses which can be used both in bakery and dairy application. I’m not sure if this project is feasible, but we will see. I keep you guys updated about the project!