University Building

Walking around UCC Campus feels like strolling through a Harry Potter movie. The main university building definitely looks like Hogwarts. As Irish people would say, it is ‘grant’!

The courses here are different than I was used to in Wageningen. Currently, I follow  courses which are more related to project management, consumer behaviour etc. So lots of reading, team and project meetings and trying to understand what the professor of the Sensory course is saying, since she has a super thick accent. And less ‘hard rock science’. But, so far, so good.

Cork City is also very cute, colourful houses, cosy city centre, with many comfortable coffee places and Irish pubs. Since I will only stay here for 2 months (before heading off to Paris), I didn’t buy a bike. Which means: everything by foot. This is actually nice, because quite often we walk with many people from my Master programme together to the University, which is a beautiful way along the riverside. Alright, you guys probably think that everything is amazing here, but the downside of living in Ireland is the weather. Rain. Rain. More rain. Bit of snow. Yet, sometimes sunshine. I guess the prettiness of the city and university cancels out the bad weather. So overall, I am happy to be a Cork inhabitant!