First day in Lapland

After more than half a year arranging and planning my exchange, the day has come. My trip started in Hamburg with a 10 minute stopover in Helsinki (too short to deliver my luggage to the continuing plane...).

Safely arrived in Rovaniemi I got picked up by my lovely Finnish tutor Tuulia who is going to guide me the coming days. It is very helpful to be on her side since Rovaniemi (biggest city in Europe regarding the area) looks quite different to what I am used to. Thus, she drove me and some other exchange students to a huge supermarket where we could buy food, blankets and all the items we needed. After unpacking bags and groceries I fell tired into my new bed.

The next morning was indeed a bit strange as you barely know anyone and until then I was alone in my 2-person apartment. I prepared some breakfast and decided to discover the forest – which is nearly EVERYWHERE. I encountered tons of mushrooms and saw 4 squirrels (in Germany/Holland I see one every 5 years I think…). However, the nature over here is radiating so much peace and calmness. The silence has an immense power – I have never experienced THIS kind of silence. The lake on the photo represents this pretty well I think. I am totally enjoying!

Best regards,