The week of the second international conference on nutrition was a really special one at the FAO. As I told before I applied as volunteer to help during these days. Ministers, mainly from health, agriculture or consumer protection, from all over the world participated during these 3 days.

The building was highly guarded by policemen and there was security everywhere. As there is this Ebola crisis more safety and hygienic protocols were made than normal. We got instructions how to clean your hands properly,  what to do with a sick person and there were alcoholic dispensers located in the building. I was lucky as I got a job in the main hall so I could more or less follow everything. I had to guide ministers (and even our Dutch minister S. Dijksma and the first lady of Peru) to the podium where they said their statement about food security.  They talked about their goals, how they as country work against malnutrition, what their focus points are,  what FAO have been done in previous years and expectations for coming years. The job I had was not really demanding as you only had to make sure that you found the right person at the right time. But, it was a nice once in your lifetime experience which gave me the opportunity to talk with a lot of ministers. But the most special moment was the time of the pope. When he entered the hall the whole room stood up, applauded and was then totally silent (and making pictures of course).