Sports in Spain

Buenos días!
Things are going well in Spain; the weather is still very nice, and I have learnt a lot in the laboratory during these first months of my internship. Also, I am doing a course on the Spanish language which is quite intense, and next to that I subscribed to the university gym, which is not as nice as the one we have at ‘the Bongerd’ though ;)!

Talking about sports, I have noticed that a lot of sports events are going on in Valencia. Last week I visited a basketball match in which Valencia played against the Greek team ‘Olympiakos’. Since I am half Greek, I was part of the minority that was cheering for the Greek team. During the match, there was a great ambiance and the Valencia supporters kept on cheering even though their team did not win the match.

This weekend I finally visited a match of Valencia’s first soccer team! The match was in the ‘Mestalla’ stadium, which is just a few blocks away from my house and every time I pass it by I am impressed, since you don’t expect a big stadium to be located in a normal district, almost hidden behind all the other buildings that surround it! Together with some friends I went to see the match against Elche CF. Valencia scored three times and won the match, which made the supporters happy and this accounted for a great atmosphere! Another nice thing is that the colour of one of the outfits of Valencia’s team is orange, which gave me a feeling of being in Holland, since it is our national colour of course! After the match we went for some drinks, and I was very happy to set the time one hour back since the weekends just seem to fly by!

Hasta luego!