Application procedure for OKP Fellowship

Orange Knowledge Programme scholarships

All Wageningen University MSc programmes will participate under the condition that the Orange Knowledge Programme finances the first academic year and the remainder of the study is guaranteed by co-financing coming from the Wageningen University Fellowship Programme.

Target group Orange Knowledge Programme scholarship:

1. You come from an OKP partner country.

2. You are a mid-career professional and are employed.

3. You are employed within one of the Nuffic country focus areas.

4. You have an unconditional admission to one the master's programmes of Wageningen University. For application please see: How can I apply for the master's programme? (Non EU/EFTA)

5. For a complete overview of all OKP scholarship requirements please check:

The competition for achieving an OKP scholarship is very high, the chances of achieving one fairly low.

Application procedure September 2022

Step 1: MSc application before February 1st 2022

Apply for admission to a master's programme at Wageningen University starting in September 2022 via Studielink. Make sure you apply before February 1st, 2022 to allow us to evaluate your application and send you the result letter in time.

All information about how to apply for a MSc Programme can be found on our website.

Step 2: Invitation to apply

You can only apply for an OKP scholarship if you have been invited to do so.

ageningen University will pre-select students who are admitted to a MSc programme starting in September 2022 and who belong to the OKP target group (see specifics above). Wageningen University will invite them by email to apply for the scholarship. Invitations will be sent between February 2nd 2022 and March 15th 2022.

Please do not contact us regarding this, if you have not received an invitation by March 15th 2022 you have not been selected as a candidate for this scholarship.

The competition for achieving this scholarship is very high, the chances of getting one fairly low.

Step 3: Nuffic application

If you have received an invitation to apply from Wageningen University, you will be informed about the application procedure and the documents Nuffic requires by email.

Please note that there are focus areas for each country established by Nuffic. Only applications that fall within the focus area of your country of employment are eligible. More information about your country's focus areas can be found in the 'Country focus document' on the Nuffic website.

Step 4: Nomination

From all applicants who have applied, Wageningen University nominates a selected group for an OKP scholarship. If you have applied before the given deadline, you will be informed whether or not you have been nominated on April 8th, 2022.

Step 5: Selection

Nuffic decides which of the nominated candidates will be selected for the OKP scholarship. The scholarships will be awarded in the beginning of June 2022 at the latest. Wageningen University will inform all nominated students about the outcome of the NUFFIC selection procedure.

Step 6: Updates/changes

Important dates for the OKP at a glance: 

February 1st 2022: deadline to apply for MSc admission.

Between February 2nd and March 15th 2022: invitations to apply will be sent out by email.

April 8th, 2022: all applicants will be informed whether or not they have been nominated by Wageningen University.

Beginning of June 2022: results of the Nuffic selection process will be communicated.