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I chose for Wageningen because of the University’s good international reputation and applied character

Student Earth and Environment
Prior Education: Amsterdam University College

Net als op het AUC kom je in de meeste vakken mensen van diverse studierichtingen tegen
Elko Langhout, student Earth and Environment

Study Continuation

I did my Bachelor’s at the Amsterdam University College, where I graduated as Bachelor of Science. At the AUC I took all the Earth & Environmental Sciences courses along with some chemistry, ecology and mathematics. I chose for Wageningen mainly because of its good reputation, especially abroad. Besides that, the more ‘applied‘ character of Wageningen drew me. I chose for the Master’s Earth & Environment because I quite like earth sciences and within the Master’s I chose for the thesis track Soil Geography & Landscape because of the GIS-element. I am also planning on attaining the Geo-Information Science minor.


I must admit that my first 8 weeks in Wageningen took a bit of getting used to because of, especially due to some bad luck, the transitions from a high-school-like University College system to a ‘real‘ University and from a big Amsterdam to a small Wageningen. I also missed a couple of things that the Bachelor students here had had: AUC didn’t have courses over atmospheric processes for example. Therefore I only just passed the courses in my first semester. Luckily I had gotten used to the system after the first 8 weeks and felt more at home. Mijn grades rose as result. The fact that one meets people from different fields of study in most of the courses is also nice and reminds of the AUC.

I love the fair amount of flexibility in the courses, just like in the University College system. In my second semester I did an Environmental Economics course for example, even though this had little to do with my major.

What too stands out to me is the English: at the AUC everything is in English, so you write a lot of essays in English. In Wageningen I sometimes notice that I have a bit more experience with the language and a couple of wrong pronunciations of words can irritate me.

At the moment, I am writing my thesis which is a combination of archeology and soil science. I have to reconstruct the palaeo landscape around Twente. Quite some GIS and also a good multidisciplinary subject!

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