Be a student for a day online Master

Experience studying online

Would you like to experience what it is like to study online? See for yourself how teamwork works, lectures and practical’s are designed for distance learning? Wageningen University & Research offers you the possibility to be an online student for a day and experience what it is like to study online at Wageningen.

Try the study online demo

This demo course is an example of one of the online courses the university offers in the online MSc programmes. You’ll be able to access some parts of the course Integration of Evidence, part of the online Master programme Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health. We hope to release a demo course for out other online Master programmes soon too, but for now feel free to browse through this one to get a better understanding of what a typical online course from our online master programmes looks like. 

Available features in this online course

Each course has three main building blocks:

  • Content
  • Communication
  • Course library

In the content part of the course you will find all the knowledge clips, assignments, papers, books, e-modules and more materials that are part of the course. It is sorted by week, but you are free to go through the materials at your own pace (keep in mind that you’ll need on average approximately 20 hours per week to successfully complete the online Master programme).  In the communication part you find the course announcements, staff information and all group assignments. In the course library gives quick access to all offered materials, which can be of use during preparation for exams.

Not all group work features are available in the demo course. Unfortunately at this moment it is technically not possible for anyone without a student account to use one of the main tools, FeedbackFruits. We hope that we can offer a solution in the near future. However, the demo course does contain more explanation and screenshots of the features of FeedBackFruits.