List of online courses for virtual exchange

On this page you can find the list of online courses that qualify for virtual exchange. Each semester new courses are added. Keep in touch!

How can I enrol?

For WUR online courses, you can enroll via MyPortal, which leads you to a Brightspace environment with all info to get you started. For external courses, you can enrol by filling in the application form. Do keep the following in mind:

The course list for the academic year 2019/2020 is still subject to updates and changes.

List of online courses

Future Food Production Crops

Sustainable Food Security: Crop Production - PPS-51802
Learn the basics of crop production and find out how to feed the future world population without depleting our planet’s resources | Wageningen University & Research

Food Security and Sustainability Food access

Food Security and Sustainability: Food access - CPT-57302
Learn the basics of food access decision-making. In other words, who decides what ends up on your plate. Spoiler alert: it’s not just you! | Wageningen University & Research

The Future of Food Environmental Sustainability

Sustainable Food Security: The value of systems thinking - APS-50803
Learn how to solve the ‘Rubik’s cube’ of systems thinking and how it’s applied to improve the environmental sustainability of food production systems | Wageningen University & Research

Introduction to Animal Behaviour

Introduction to Animal Behaviour - BHE-50801
Discover how animals learn, communicate, find food, avoid predators, and interact socially | Wageningen University & Research

Nutrition and Health Part 1 Macronutrients and Overnutrition

Nutrition and Health Part 1: Macronutrients and Overnutrition - HNH-52802
Learn the fundamentals of nutrition and its impact on human health | Wageningen University & Research

Nutrition and Health Part 2 Micronutrients and Undernutrition

Nutrition and Health Part 2: Micronutrients and Undernutrition - HNH-52902
Learn about malnutrition and micronutrients and how they impact human health | Wageningen University & Research

Basics in Food Safety

Basics in Food Safety - FHM-51302
Learn about bacteria, pesticides and health hazards present in food | Wageningen University & Research

Sustainable Soil Management Soil for life

Sustainable Soil Management: Soil for life - SLM-52303
Learn why soil is so important, how it’s being threatened and what we can do to protect this natural resource so vital to our lives | Wageningen University & Research

Sustainable Urban Development Discover Advanced Metropolitan Solutions

Sustainable Urban Development: Discover Advanced Metropolitan Solutions - YMS-51802
Learn why cities are key in resolving global urbanization and sustainability challenges and how you can engineer tomorrow’s cities today | Wageningen University & Research

Human Microbiome

Human Microbiome – MIB-51301
Learn how you can impact your health by balancing your gut health; how your microbiome together with your diet can improve normal gut function | Wageningen University & Research

Co-creating Sustainable Cities

Co-creating Sustainable Cities – YMS-52303
Learn how citizen’s co-creation is key in making cities worldwide more sustainable | Wageningen University & Research

The Australian National University

This course is great for anyone to start their studies in astronomy and astrophysics or individuals simply interested in what lies beyond Earth | Australian National University


Digital Signal Processing
Digital Signal Processing is the branch of engineering that, in the space of just a few decades, has enabled unprecedented levels of interpersonal communication and of on-demand entertainment. | Ecole​Polytechnique​Fédérale​de​Lausanne, Switzerland

Universiteit Leiden

Public Values and Ethics
This course offers an in-depth discussion of important ethical approaches and moral issues in contemporary politics and public management | Leiden University, The Netherlands


Fundamentals of Biomedical Imaging: FMRI
Learn about magnetic resonance, from the physical principles of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) to the basic concepts of image reconstruction (MRI) | Ecole​Polytechnique​Fédérale​de​Lausanne, Switzerland


Anthropology of Current World Issues: An Introduction
Learn to use anthropological ideas to see the world from a range of perspectives and points of view | The University of Queensland, Australia

Clinical Kidney, Pancreas and Islet Transplantation
Are you interested in clinical kidney, pancreas and islet transplantation? If you are a (bio) medical student or a health care professional who works in the (pre) clinical transplant field this might be the course for you. This course is also for anyone interested in the research and knowledge on clinical transplantation. | Leiden University, The Netherlands

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Comportamiento Organizativo
Learn to analyze human behaviour in organizations at an individual, group and organizational level and to identify the elements of organizational culture and their influence on corporate ethics | Universidad​Carlos​III​de​Madrid, Spain | Language: ES

Logo Louvain

Système respiratoire partie 1 (Respiration in the Human Body)
Learn about respiration and the function of the lungs, oxygen and CO₂ in the body from medical experts | Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium | Language: FR

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Introduction to Management Information Systems
Gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in an MIS-dominated corporate world | Universidad​Carlos​III​de​Madrid, Spain


Neuronal dynamics: Computational Neuriscience of Single Neurons
The activity of neurons in the brain and the code used by these neurons is described by mathematical neuron models at different levels of detail | Ecole​Polytechnique​Fédérale​de​Lausanne, Switzerland

Universiteit Leiden

Research design in Public Administration
Learn about the fundamentals of social science research and develop skills to critically assess the methodological underpinnings of research presented in social scientific public administration academic books and articles | Leiden University, The Netherlands


Plasma Physics
A rigorous introduction to the plasma state will be followed by a description of the models, from single particle, to kinetic and fluid, which can be applied to study its dynamics as well how to mathematically describe them | ​Ecole​ ​Polytechnique​ ​de​ ​Lausanne, Switzerland

Universiteit Leiden

Sharia in the West
Gain insight in how European policy makers as well as the Muslim communities have been struggling to accommodate an ‘Islamic’ presence in a mostly secular European environment. The interaction between what Muslims in the West want and do in terms of Sharia, and how the Western legal, political, societal and cultural systems respond to these manifestations of Sharia | Leiden University, The Netherlands

Logo TU Delft

Responsible Innovation: Ethics, Safety and Technology
This course discourves the ethical frameworks that come into play as well as the risks and safety of new and design and values in the process of developing new technologies | Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Logo TU Delft

The basics of Transport Phenomena
In this course we will look into the underlying concepts of basic framework s on a broad spectrum of engineering problems concerning transfer of heat, mass and momentum , that often take place simultaneously, and will teach you how to apply them to a variety of real-life problems | Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Logo Louvain

Introduction to Supply Chain Management
Learn how to effectively make decision on the supply chain process that encompass: cost, flexibility speed, distribution networks and location that affect business | Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium

Logo Louvain

Sciences politique
How do everyday public decisions adopted and how do they affect our daily lives? This course concerns several concepts of political science | Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium | Language: FR


Concurrent programming
Provide  the basics of concurrent programming and details the main mechanisms that can be used in various languages to implement distributed algorithms | Sorbonne Université, France


Mobile devices programming
Learn how to programme for iOs and Android applications, and illustrates the main challenges of  such applications as well as new usages and the difference between both iOs and Android | Sorbonne Université, France


Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
This course lays the foundations of quantum mechanics, from wave function to quantum gates | Sorbonne Université, France

Universidad Madrid

Systems Programming
Learn how to program and write code in Java in an easy and interactive way to enter the fascinating world of computer science | Universidad​ ​Carlos​ ​III​ ​de​ ​Madrid, Spain | Language: EN

The conquest of space: space exploration and rocket science

The conquest of space: space exploration and rocket science
Discover cultural, political and sociological elements of the history of space exploration | Universidad​ ​Carlos​ ​III​ ​de​ ​Madrid, Spain | Language: EN