Online programme for professionals: Food security and sustainability

Online Programme: Food Security and Sustainability

How can we produce sufficient food in an environmentally sustainable way to feed the increased world population in the future? Gain knowledge with the online programme Food Security and Sustainability.

Feeding the growing population, 9 billion in 2050, is one of the most pressing issues we have to find a solution for. To solve this problem, we need people to gain knowledge, do research, and explore the options. You can be a piece of the puzzle, help find a solution, and start now by gaining knowledge about food production systems, food security, sustainable development in agriculture and livestock, and systems thinking.

This online programme for professionals, Food Security and Sustainability, is created by world-renowned experts and will provide you with a deep understanding of exciting and in-demand fields. By completing this programme you will earn a certificate of achievement to demonstrate your knowledge.

What you will learn in this programme

  • Understand that food security depends on food availability, food access, food utilization and stability
  • How we can produce enough food for everyone
  • How sustainable different food production systems are
  • How to assure access to sufficient, nutritious and safe food for everyone
  • About actors and activities to achieve food security at international, national, local, household, and individual level

Content of the programme 'Sustainable Food Security'

This Food Security and Sustainability programme consists of three MOOCs who can be taken in any desired order. Your time investment will be about 7-9 hours per week, per online course and the average length is 6 weeks per MOOC. Of course, you can study in your own time, at your own pace, so you can adjust the duration.

    How to enrol

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