online master’s course food technology

Online master's courses - Food Technology

Are you a professional in the food industry, and holding a bachelor degree in Food Technology or do you have a similar background? These online master's courses will help you to strengthen your expertise and knowledge. Since the online courses are part-time, you will be able to combine study and work.

The online courses are discipline-based instead of product-based and focus on optimising food products and food production. You can make your own track by combining more courses and conclude with a capstone project on a relevant and related topic, under the supervision of a WUR expert!

Online education

The online courses include short knowledge clips (video), textual explanations, animations, case studies and exercises. During the capstone, you will be coached by a Wageningen expert.

Level of knowledge

Admission to the course requires a level of education in Food Science and Technology or related, such as Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology. Relevant work experience can be considered.

English proficiency

The language of instruction of this course is in English. Admission to the course requires a level of English as defined at the website for Dutch nationals, EU nationals or nationals outside EU/EFTA respectively

Why following an online master's course?

  • You combine study and work
  • You can study in your own time and at home
  • You are in contact with others in the field
  • Your knowledge is completely up-to-date
  • You connect to the WUR network

Choose from the following online master's courses

Sustainable Food and Bioprocessing

Enzymology for Food and Biorefinery

Advanced Biochemical Analysis of Foods

Predicting Food Quality

Advanced Food Microbiology

Food Toxicology

Advanced Molecular Gastronomy

Food Structuring

Advanced Food Physics

Food Ingredient Functionality

Product and Process Design