How to Provide the sowing seed box to woman in Tanzania?


How to Provide the sowing seed box to woman in Tanzania?

The Corazon foundation wants to contribute to WHO’s ambition of zero hunger in the world by distributing Sowing Seed boxes and training materials to Tanzania in close collaboration with Caritas.

Corazon is a Dutch Christian organisation aiming for a social and sustainable world. Their goal is to ‘do good’ for people who are most in need to have sustainable solutions with the church as a leading force. Home gardens are a potential solution to increase a household’s dietary diversity. Home gardens can provide diversified fruit and vegetable intake to meet the dietary requirements of the households.

Indeed, in a research conducted to compare different agricultural interventions in their effectiveness to improve nutrition outcomes, 11 out of 13 home garden intervention increased the nutritional outcomes. Corazon therefor wants to support woman in Tanzania with Sowing Seed boxes and training so they have access to a more diverse and nutritious diet.

The main research question stated by the students addressed in the research is ‘What is needed to use the full potential of the Sowing seed program in Tanzania’? Sub questions like for example: What is the current situation of the region and the beneficiaries of the Sowing seed project? And what can be learnt from existing literature about home-gardening projects that fight food insecurity and malnutrition?  As well as what kind of crops should be included in the Sowing seed box with respect to the current situation and what kind of sustainable farming practices should be given with it?  Will be studied an besides that also  possible impacts and externalities of the Sowing seed project and how could these be measured is included in the research.

The students will present the results in a few weeks.