Course Let (Pet) Food be thy Medicine

What solutions can pet food offer for health problems in cats and dogs? How can nutrition promote physiological functions, improve intestinal health and prevent problems such as allergies, obesity, dental and urinary tract related problems? What role do antioxidants play? And how does an optimum diet for cats and dogs look like? In this course, scientific insights are shared with respect to the current and future challenges of the pet food industry in relation to animal health.

Organised by Wageningen Academy, Animal Nutrition
Duration 1 day
Setup Campus WUR

The (im)possibilities of petfood that can influence animal health

The course topics will be introduced by various specialists, with plenty of opportunity for discussion. In this course, common health problems are discussed and related to petfood nutrition. As an introductory, the role of intestinal health will be discussed. As closure, a potentially optimum nutrition will be exemplified. Presentations and documentation will be in English. The 2017 edition was renewed with the following topics:
- Petfood and urinary tract related diseases
- Optimum nutrition for cats and dogs

    Target audience

    This course is very suited for professionals (with a university-level degree) working throughout the pet food industry, for example, nutritionists, researchers, Q&A managers, product managers and account
    managers. Additionally, this course can provide more in-depth insight for veterinarians with an interest in nutrition.


    After the course, you will have gained an in-depth understanding of the opportunities pet food provides to influence and improve the health of cats and dogs. You will be able to apply this knowledge in your daily
    work, given that scientific knowledge is transmitted with a strong link to practice.


    The programme will be available when the course registration opens.


    The course leaders are:
    - Dr E.A. (Esther) Hagen- Plantinga, Utrecht University
    - Prof. W.H. (Wouter) Hendriks, Wageningen University & Research