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Distance learning

For professionals who would like to be trained in their own pace and time we offer distance learning modules developed by Wageningen Academy and Wageningen University & Research experts.

Why would you choose a distance learning programme?

  • Study any where, any time
  • Start with one module and add more over time, or start with the full programme straight away. Flexibility is key.
  • Contact with your lecturer via email
  • Enroll for an exam, even per module

Available distance learning programmes

Plant Breeding


Are you looking for more theoretical background on plant breeding? This online course includes five modules, both basic, more complex breeding and selection methods, new technological developments, and underlying biological concepts.

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Plant Pathology & Entomology


Are you looking for more theoretical background on plant pathology and entomology? This online course includes modules on phytopathology, nematology, entomology and virology. This online course includes five modules, nematology, entomology, virology, Phytopathology and an extra module general terms.

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Why follow a distance learning module?

For example, like Jos Smallegange did to change distance learning modules plant breeding to obtain a career switch, read his story:

Jos Smallegange

Background information


The plant breeding distance learning course was really interesting and very applicable to my daily work at Enza Zaden. I found it a challenge to study again as it was a long time since I graduated, however supervisory lecturer dr. Jan-Kees Goud helped whenever I had questions and I was really pleased with my grades.
Chloe Prehn Arnold, Enza Zaden Research & Development (Distance learning -plant breeding)

Participant experiences are very positive, not only about the results but also about the proces and way we offer distance learning as a tool to educate and train.

Where do participants come from?


Indeed from all over the world! The modules have been successfully followed by a broad audience and are well-rated.



Wageningen Academy offers distance learning and E-learning modules for the professional market in Agri & Food industry, as shown above. Questions? Please contact us.

+31 (0)317 48 22 98monique.tulp@wur.nl

More programmes

Wageningen Academy not only offers distance learnings, but also courses, seminars, executive education, summer schools and tailor-made programmes.

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