Distance learning for professionals

Online Courses

Online courses for professionals in the expertise fields of plant breeding and plant pathology & entomology given by experts from Wageningen University & Research, developed and organized by Wageningen Academy.

Why choose an online course

  • Combine study and work
  • Study in your own time and at any location
  • Optional Exams available
  • After successfully completing your course you will have up-to-date knowledge in the subject
  • Combine several modules/courses of a subject - if available

Online courses for professionals

Not the online course of your interest? Consider one of the following options:

Wageningen University & Research offers more online courses for professionals.

Or, are you interested in creating an online module, blended training or do you have a really good idea for developing a new programme? Contact Monique Tulp.

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The plant breeding distance learning course was really interesting and very applicable to my daily work at Enza Zaden. I found it a challenge to study again as it was a long time since I graduated, however supervisory lecturer dr. Jan-Kees Goud helped whenever I had questions and I was really pleased with my grades.
Chloe Prehn Arnold, Enza Zaden Research & Development (Distance learning -plant breeding)

Participant experiences are very positive, not only about the results but also about the proces and way we offer distance learning as a tool to educate and train.


Where do participants come from?


Indeed from all over the world! The modules have been successfully followed by a broad audience and are well-rated.