SDDDC: The Milk Chain course - 2018 edition, Beijing

Published on
December 17, 2018

In December 8 and 9, 2018, Wageningen University and Research, Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Centre (SDDDC) and Yunzhongyunyang Internet Technology Co. Ltd. (Beijing) organized the course of The Milk Chain: quality, safety and sustainability in perspective in Beijing, China. This course is organized by Wageningen Academy for the SDDDC consortium, in the purpose of facilitating related practitioners in China to identify and understand the aspects to be covered in order to produce high quality dairy products. In total, more than twenty entrepreneurs and managers participated in the programme.

The Milk Chain course combined both lectures on success factors of the Dutch milk chain, influencing factors, control methods and effect of processing on milk quality, research on food fraud mitigation and case study on UHT milk and infant formula, as well as creating consumer confidence in Chinese milk and milk products. At the same time, live broadcasting was carried out in the afternoon of December 9, and there was an intensive online interaction between expects and audiences.

At the end of the course, Zhang Fengxia, the winner of best individual said, “I have got an excellent knowledge of the dairy chain from the course, and these extraordinary teaching will inspire me to make the quality of our products better and better.” The other trainee, Hu Changli also recommended, “It is a great course and especially the part of the consumers’ influence on dairy industry structure will benefit me a lot.

This course was provided by the following Wageningen University & Research experts: Ing. Kees de Koning, managing director of Dairy Campus Wageningen UR, Prof. Dr. Tiny van Boekel, special chair of Dairy Science & Technology, Ing. Siet J. Sijtsema and Ing. Gemma Tacken of Wageningen Economic Research.

SDDDC is a joint force of WUR, China Agriculture University and Royal FrieslandCampina, aims to contribute to improving production, quality and safety throughout the Chinese dairy sector. Training course of such kind is one of their major activities as well.

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