Student secretariat

The student secretariat (room 1043, Helix) is headed by Lyda de Jong and Marijke van Kooij. For registered students, the secretariat facilitates exchange of information on regulations and procedures relevant to the courses, internships and thesis projects offered by the Division of Human Nutrition. For advice on the study programme as a whole, registered students should contact the Study advisor.

During opening hours, registered students can visit the student secretariat for the following:

  • General regulations on courses, theses and internships.
  • Archive of theses and internship reports.
  • List of addresses of potential internship providers.
  • If required, subscription to courses and access to the relevant Blackboard site.
  • Handing in MSc thesis and internship contracts, planning oral presentations and oral examinations.
  • Internship confirmation letters (OV card, visa, subtenancy of your room).
  • Workplace, copy card and print facilities during theses.

The secretariat communicates marks for courses, theses and internships to the Student Service Centre of the University.

Opening hours student secretariat
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
General information 9.00-17:00 9.00-17:00 9.00-17:00 9.00-17:00 9.00-14:30
Internship related information 11.00-12.30 13.30-15.00
Check on exams* 15.30-17.00 12.00-13.00 10.00-12.00

*It is possible to check the exam during 4 weeks after the publishing of the marks.