PhD Theses

Synthesis of galacto-oligosaccharides with β-galactosidases. Warmerdam, A. (2013) Abstract ; Full Text

Protein isolation using affinity chromatography. Besselink, T. (2012) Abstact

Reaction and separation opportunities with microfluidic devices. Kolfschoten, R.C. (2011) Abstract ; Full text

Effective use of enzyme microreactors : thermal, kinetic and ethical guidelines. Swarts, J.W. (2009) Abstract ; Full text

Process development for gelatinisation and enzymatic hydrolysis of starch at high concentrations. Baks, T. (2007) Abstract ; Full text

Oligosaccharide production with thermophilic enzymes. Bruins, M.E. (2003) Abstract ; Full Text

Enzymatic synthesis of oligosaccharides : kinetics, process parameters, and reactor design. Boon, F  (2000) Abstract ; Full text

Enzyme immobilization on graft copolymers. Mohy Eldin, M.S. (1999) Abstract ; Full text