Using our Equipment

For reservations we use Booked

"Booked" works as follows:

  • First create an account.
  • The administrators will grant permission to you, from then on you can make online reservations.

    Please see the "Regulations" and "Instructions" pages for important information.

    If you are not PCC related please use Booked to check the availability of the instrument and contact the instrument supervisor (see below). He/she will arrange the reservation for you.

    Instrument supervisors:
    Supervisor Instruments / Schedule Phone
    Diane te Brake Spectrophotometers 85026
    Hannie v.d. Broek AFM, Microscope 84297
    Joshua Dijksman Rheometers, 3-D printer 82094
    Remco Fokkink DLS , Contact Angle, Optical Tweezer, Drop-tensiometer 83781
    Anton Korteweg Calorimetry, Other instruments, General 83544
    Secretary Meeting facilities (PCC-members only): Meeting room (0013a), Beamer, Laptop 82276