Sunday 30st April

Evening registration


Monday 1st May            Introduction to the fish immune system

  • Introduction to fish cytokines (Steve Bird, Univ Waikato)
  • Macrophages and pattern recognition receptors (Geert Wiegertjes, CBI)
  • Leukocyte responses during the fish acute inflammatory response (Dan Barreda, Univ Alberta)
  • Neutrophils of zebrafish (Phil Elks, Univ Sheffield)
  • Introduction to fish T cells (Maria Forlenza, CBI)
  • Anti-inflammatory cytokines (Carla Piazzon, CBI)
  • Vaccine development (Sjo Koumans, MSD Animal Health)

Evening poster session (i)


Tuesday 2nd May           Mucosal immunity

  • Mucosal Immunity in zebrafish (Sylvia Brugman, CBI)
  • Oral vaccination of carp (Carmen Embregts, CBI)
  • Nasal immunity and vaccination (Luca Tacchi, CBI)
  • Beneficial microbes to combat infections of fish (Irene de Bruijn, NIOO)

Practicals in the afternoon

  • Cellular assays in innate immunity (technical staff CBI) or
  • PC-based practicals on transcriptome information (Sam Martin, SFIRC, Aberdeen, UK)

Evening poster session (ii)


Wednesday 3rd May       Lymphocytes as mediators of acquired immunity

  • Fish B lymphocytes (Carolina Tafalla, INIA, Spain)
  • Cell-mediated cytotoxicity (Uwe Fischer, FLI)
  • B and T cell repertoires (Pierre Boudinot, INRA)

Practicals in the afternoon

  • Humoral responses (technical staff CBI) or
  • Synteny searches in fish genomes (Steve Bird)

Evening Workshop dinner


Thursday 4th May           Fish vaccination

  • DNA vaccination approaches (Niels Lorenzen, Aarhus Univ)
  • Engineering cell lines for fish health research (Bertrand Collet, Marine Scotland)
  • Identification of potential protective antigens for fish vaccines (Sandra Adams, Stirling Univ)
  • Molecular adjuvants for fish vaccines (Chris Secombes, SFIRC, Aberdeen)
  • Development of vaccins against nodavirus infection (Giuseppe Scapigliati, Univ Tuscia)
  • Workshop evaluation (Geert Wiegertjes, CBI) and poster prize award