People of Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group


Affiliated researchers

Visiting Professors

Dr. I. (Ingrid) Visseren-Hamakers (USA)
Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers is an associate Professor at the Department of Environmental Science and Policy (ESP) at George Mason University (GMU) in Fairfax, Virginia

Dr. A. (Anna) Lawrence (United Kingdom)
Anna Lawrence is the head of the Social and Economic Research Group, Centre for Human and Ecological Sciences of Forest Research.

Dr. P.V.D.J. (Patrick) Verkooijen (The Netherlands / USA)
Patrick Verkooijen is the Visiting Professor in Global Forest Diplomacy. Further to this Dr. Verkooijen is Senior Research Fellow at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Boston.

Guest lecturers/researchers

dr. W.H. (Wolfram) Dressler

dr. Margaret Skutsch (Universidad Nacional
Autonoma de Mexico)

dr. J. (Jessica) de Koning

dr. W. (Wiepke) Wissema (guest researcher)

dr. M.E. (Marjolein) Kloek (guest researcher)

dr. J. (Jolien) Schure (associate researcher)

Barbara Fairinelli (PhD researcher)

Trong Huan Do (PhD researcher)

Jan-Willen den Besten (PhD researcher)

Joana Ameyau (PhD researcher)

Katarzyna Kowalczewska (PhD researcher)

Kobe de Porque (PhD researcher)

Kristina van Dexter (PhD researcher)

Kristy Buckley (PhD researcher)

Lucas De Carvalho Gomes (PhD researcher)

Margriet Goris (PhD researcher)

Susan Boonman-Berson (PhD researcher)

William Cook (PhD researcher)

K A Motyka (PhD researcher)

Tabitha Mugo (PhD researcher)