Testimonial Imie Nieuwland

Published on
January 12, 2018

‘In January of 2017 I started on my MSc thesis at the laboratory of Nematology. It was my second time at the chair group, as I have also done my BSc thesis there. My project was about omega-1, a protein from the trematode Schistosoma mansoni.


Omega-1 interacts with the immune system to induce a T helper 2 immune response. This immune response is poorly understood and interesting as it may be beneficial in treatments of autoimmune diseases and allergies. I specifically studied the effects of omega-1 on dendritic cells, immune cells that can induce this T helper 2 immune response. I was at the start of this project in our lab, which meant that many things still had to be figured out by me and my supervisor, Ruud Wilbers. I did learn a lot of new lab techniques and obtained more skills in writing. Also, I had a great time at Nematology once again. It is a very welcoming chair group with at least 2 collective coffee breaks and lunch in between. As a student, I was involved in everything and even joined laser gaming and the lab outing. It was great!