29 November: Gert Jan Hofstede will give a Cleveringa-Lecture in Shanghai, China on A.I.

Published on
November 23, 2017

Gert Jan Hofstede will give a Cleveringa-lecture in Shanghai on 29 November.

His lecture will be about Homo Fabricatus, in other words, Artificial Intelligence.

He will speak about artificial intelligence and A.I. that will take over tasks from humans. Usually these tasks are simple and uniform because A.I.'s are not very good at socially complex tasks, says Hofstede. That raises the question: what does it take to create a Homo Fabricatus, or an A.I. that is a good member of society?

Hofstede wants to answer that question with his knowledge about human cultures. 'If you want to imitate people as social beings, you will soon have to deal with groups', he explains. 'Those groups may think differently, so have a different culture, but they can also find themselves different from other groups, so have a different social identity. That fact leads to a complicated dynamic. This dynamics sometimes leads to excesses, such as war and oppression, but that is something I only mention. Above all, I want to answer the question: what is a person socially, and what do we live for? Then you come to human nature, with cultural differences within it. '

Historical background
Leiden University organizes lectures all over the world in memory of Leiden professor Rudolph Cleveringa, who held a protest speech in 1940 against the dismissal of Jewish scientists by the German occupiers. Leiden scientists usually hold these lectures, but this time Hofstede is invited to do so.