Research of the Management Studies Group

The Management Studies Group (MST) focuses on the strategy and organization of the firm, as embedded in the value chain and influenced by the broader network of public and private stakeholders. The MST staff particularly focusses on the sustainability oriented innovation and entrepreneurial processes. To do so, MST uses a mixed methodology that relies on combining large scale field surveys with case studies, focus group discussions and experimental design.

MST’s foremost position was acknowledged by an international peer review committee in 2015 that evaluated its research quality as excellent, its viability as excellent; and its societal relevance as very good. MST is characterized by its international research network, based on joined EU research programs, such as with the Universities of Bonn, Ghent and UniLaSalle Beauvais. In the USA strong links exist with the Michigan State University through cooperation in the Global Centre for Food Systems Innovation (GCFSI). To support MST’s work in emerging markets, long-term collaborations were build with the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, and the Agricultural University of Nanjing in China. Biannually, MST organizes the well-known biannual WIcaNeM Conference. The last one was held in 2016 together with IFAMA Europe. About 500 researchers and business leaders from 35 countries came together in Aarhus (Denmark) to exchange the latest concepts in the field of chain and network science. The next one will be organized together with the University of Ancona in Ancona (Italy).