Sociology of Consumption and Households

At the Sociology of Consumption and Households (SCH) group, we are interested in social inequalities across the life course. We study processes, causes and consequences of social inequalities in (food) consumption, care and health.

Research and projects

Within the Sociology of Consumption and Households group, we aim to understand who is at risk of malnutrition, bad health, and lack of care and how well-being is produced and allocated in households, larger social networks, and within different settings.

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Jozelin Soto Alarcon, who visited SCH as a guest PhD last year, just defended her PhD in rural sociology at the Metropolitan Autonomous University. Congratulations, Jozelin.
Dr Y. Hilevych awarded with a Rubicon grant.

Dr Y. Hilevych, who graduated for her PhD at the SCH group, was awarded a Rubicon grant for her project “The art of conception? Infertility identities in Britain before IVF (1945-1980)”. With this grant she will study the identity forming that was associated with infertility before in vitro fertilisation (IVF) was discovered in the United Kingdom, (1945-1980).


Education and courses

The Sociology of Consumption and Households group (SCH) is involved in several education programmes. Read all about our courses, thesis opportunities, programmes and minors.

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