The Economics of Consumers and Households Group participates in a number of study programmes and specialisations at Wageningen University & Research at the undergraduate (BSc) graduate (MSc) and PhD level.

ECH Courses

Bachelor and Master Theses

Students from Wageningen University & Research can write their Bachelor or Master thesis with the Economics of Consumers and Households (ECH) chair group. Below you will find a list of ECH members with their topics of expertise. If you see a topic that you find interesting you can contact the individual staff members to make an appointment. 

Gerrit Antonides:

  • Time Preference
  • Endowment Effect
  • Mental Accounting
  • Financial Capability
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Food Choice
  • Sustainability
  • Tax Compliance

Michel Handgraaf:

  • Behavioral Economics
  • Social Psychology
  • Experimental Research
  • Environmental Decision Making
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  •  Ethical Behavior
  • Ultimatum Bargaining
  • Bargaining
  • Interdependence

Johan van Ophem


  • Food consumption value across socio-economic groups
  • Consumer, sustainability, and consumer initiatives
  • Consumer and leisure


  • Decline in wealth and decline of expectations
  • Credit unions and other forms of consumer cooperatives
  • Reactions of households confronted with a sneaking impoverishment
  • Labour market matches and earnings among higher educated
  • Human capital issues
  • Unemployment and the household
  • Life cycle issues


  • Happiness, health and households across societies
  • SES-groups and health issues
  • Neo-liberalism and health care
  • Financial stress and health
  • Consumer and the promotion of health-enhancing physical activities

Pierre van Mouche

  • Theoretical economics
  • Neoclassical micro-economics
  • Game theory
  • Macro-economics (for BSc-thesis; also possible for MSc-thesis with a second supervisor specialized in macro-economics)
  • Other topics can be discussed

For more information on thesis topics and supervision please contact Johan van Ophem.

For an overview of recent MSc and BSc theses at ECH click here.

PhD Courses and Opportunities

For more information on our PhD courses and other external education activities please contact our education coordinator Johan van Ophem.

Interested in doing your PhD research at Wageningen University? Go to the Wageningen University PhD Site for further information.