CALM research cell structure

About CALM

The CALM Research team characterizes droughts, floods, fresh water ecosystems and heat waves including feedback mechanisms between land and atmosphere and the related impact. Considering the sustainable use of land and water resources, strategies for adaptive river basin development; land use planning and making cities resilience are elaborated, together with stakeholders. The overarching topic is long-term scenarios and impact studies, with special focus on climate change and climate variability.

In addition to adaptation and climate action research, this research team studies climate change mitigation by developing tools to evaluate greenhouse gas emissions. The team contributes to improving quality of life, increasing food security (climate smart agriculture), and enabling green economic growth.

The research team is accommodated in the Lumen building. The housing is in the same building with other Research teams and Chair Groups of Wageningen University & Research, such as the Water Systems and Global Change Group (Prof Kroeze) and Meteorology & Air Quality (Profs Holtslag and Krol), is a special advantage which helps in facilitating our extensive collaboration in research and education.

Currently CALM has a total staff of approximately 55 persons, 5 visiting scientist and approximately 5 running PhD research projects in different stages of completion.

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