Showcases: Products & Tools

A selection of CALM Products and Tools that have been developed over the past years.         

Blue deltas

Adaptation, visualisation and communication

Climate Resilient Cities

Water and Food Security

Green Economic Growth
Green Economic Growth is defined as a strategy to stimulate economic growth in rural and urban areas, ensuring poverty eradication and quality of life for all without overexploitation of natural resources: soil, water, biodiversity, energy and cultural capital. The research cell Green economic growth has several products and tools that can be found in the following brochure:

Green Climate Solutions
The strategic programme ‘Green Climate Solutions’ uses scientific knowledge to create green solutions that contribute to resilient and climate-proof areas and companies. Green Climate Solutions are solutions that use nature as an ally in the battle against the effects of climate change. Our researchers work on Green Climate Solutions by finding answers to problems related to water security, fresh water availability and nature and agriculture by considering them as a whole.