Climate Adaptation & Services COmmunity (CASCO)


Contact: Christian Siderius

Millions of people in India will be increasingly affected by climate change in the years to come. Higher temperatures will have direct impact on people’s health. Crop and livestock productivity will be influenced by a combination of heat stress and a more variable and unpredictable rainfall. Coupled with increasing population, globalization and industrialization, enhanced demand for water is likely to place water resources under considerable stress as the twenty-first century unfolds.

India and the EU have been working together on climate change research since several years. The urgency of climate change adaptation was recognized in 2007, when the impact of climate change on water resources was identified as one of the important areas for EU – India research collaboration. As a result, funds within the European and Indian research programme were made available to initiate several joint research projects. Looking for innovative adaptation solutions has been a promising element of this India-EU cooperation.

Despite all cooperation, long term and sustained collaboration between Indian and European researchers, continuation of research, building up of expertise and mobility of researchers from Europe to India has been limited. The Climate Adaptation & Services COmmunity (CASCO) project aims to redress this. The objective of CASCO is to support the implementation of the Indo-European Partnership for Research and Innovation by bringing together expert clusters from the EU and India in the field of climate adaptation.

CASCO will especially focus on long-lasting cooperation on climate change adaptation by creating a community of European and Indian researchers and innovators, funding staff exchange and dedicated thematic meetings in India and Europe around climate adaptation services. CASCO consists of a total of 5 European and 4 Indian core partners, with a wide range of network partners. The project will run from 2014 until 2018.