Account management

Account management is needed to serve our scientists to benefit from that account and assist in implementing international strategies. Based on their thorough knowledge of the account and their relevant networks, our account managers are optimally suited to facilitate scientists from all parts of Wageningen UR. In addition, they help to position Wageningen UR in international platforms and collect valuable information that is used to develop and implement the international strategies of Wageningen UR. Foremost, however, they develop leads that will assist in increasing our international activities and funding.

Wageningen International has regional accounts for Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America and China. Europe is considered as our home market.

The regional accounts have been active in initiating a joint Wageningen UR approach towards setting up institutional collaboration with key partner organisations in a number of priority countries in the regions. The country office in China has been successfully established, and now plays an active role in the identification of opportunities for collaboration and the formulation of projects.

The various institutional accounts continue to play their role in facilitating the interface between important funding agencies (i.e. CGIAR, AGRINATURA and Nuffic) and research, education and training groups within Wageningen UR.