Asia is a large, diverse and rapidly developing continent with the world’s top economies (China, Japan, South-Korea) and BRIC economies (India) on the one side, and low income countries such as Afghanistan and Bangladesh on the other side. Urbanization, food & nutrition security, high productive & sustainable farming systems, climate change, river and delta management, renewable energy etc. are among the major challenges facing Asian countries. Wageningen University & Research is contributing with high level education, (contract)research and training in all of these fields.

Wageningen University & Research has been active in China for two decades with a broad range of activities and topics. The Wageningen University & Research representative office was established in October 2007.

Education and training

Besides China, Wageningen University & Research has collaborative projects in most of the other Asian countries. Many of our research projects are in partnership with various public and private parties in Asia. In Wageningen we educate and train large numbers of Asian MSc and PhD students. We also conduct numerous short training programmes for professionals, either in Wageningen or in Asia.

Wageningen International assist in realizing the international ambitions of Wageningen University & Research in Asia with two dedicated account managers: Xiaoyong Zhang for China and Arjo Rothuis for the other Asian countries. They initiate new leads, facilitate project development, inform their colleagues within Wageningen University & Research, profile Wageningen University & Research in Asia, and take a coordinating role when necessary.