Data Management Planning

Data management planning is a matter of good research practice. At Wageningen University & Research PhD candidates and Chair Groups are required to have a Data Management Plan.

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a tool that makes you carefully think about your data collection process. Investing time in thinking about managing your research data at the start of your project helps to you to 

  • keep track of your research progress more efficiently;
  • easily find and understand the data you created earlier;
  • prepare your research data for future use (e.g., data publication, verification purposes or reuse of your data by others);
  • comply with ethical guidelines, and institutional, funder and journal requirements

Institutional requirements 

Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS) requires that PhD candidates create a Data Management Plan for their research. Chair groups are also required to have a Data Management Plan for their group.

Once PhD candidates have created their DMP, it becomes an appendix to their research proposal and may be reviewed by Wageningen Graduate Schools. Each graduate school has slightly different requirements on how to submit the DMP with other documents. 

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