Storage solutions

Your research data is valuable to yourself and to others. That's why it's important to carefully think about an appropriate solution for storing your data during your research project. In this section we list some of the possibilities.

The best option for storing your data during a research project depends on what type of data you're storing, how much storage you need and who needs access. For security and accessibility, Managed Data Storage solutions are the preferred option to store your data during your research project.

Check your chair group's data policy to see whether any agreements have been made for storing research data.

Managed data storage solutions at Wageningen University & Research

The Central IT department offers several types of managed data storage for your research data:

  • Personal Folder
    Every account has a personal folder (M drive).
  • Department or Project Folder
    If you want your data to be accessible to other members of Wageningen University & Research, you can store your files in a folder on the W drive.
  • Massive Storage
    Massive Storage is the cheapest option for storing large amounts of data. This option is ideally suited to store reproducible, static data, for which large-scale storage is more important than speed.
  • Team sites
    Team sites is a collaboration platform where you can share and edit data files online. Team sites has collaboration tools like a discussion forum, version management, a central agenda and list functionalities. You can easily invite other users to participate on your team site. Wageningen University & Research employees can request access for people outside Wageningen University & Research by requesting an extranet account (X-account) or via a social account (LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft account).
  • Surfdrive / Onedrive for Business
    Surfdrive and Onedrive for Business are personal cloud storage solutions. By using a browser, app, or synchronisation program, you can access your files from anywhere and from multiple devices. It is also possible to give others access to files.

For all managed data storage solutions the following applies:

  • Extendable
    You can extend your storage capacity up to lots of TB.
  • Fully serviced
    Installation, maintenance and support are done by the IT department.
  • Reliable
    The personal, project or department shares are highly reliable, available and secure because this data is stored in two separate data centers and automatically backed-up. Also the equipment is fail-safe.
  • Customizable
    You can choose different storage characteristics like backup of your data (different storage periods), performance (speed of data retrieval) and availability (no down-time) at different rates. See Data Storage Services in the Service Catalogue (internal link)

If you use managed storage (M or W drive) your data is automatically backed up. If you use other solutions, make sure that the backup of your research data is as independent as possible from the main storage. Regularly back up your files and as soon as possible.