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Experiences with Education Project Services

Students, teachers, regional actors and researchers share their experiences with Education Project Services Wageningen University & Research.

Raoul Beunen, Science group Strategic Communication:

"Education Project Services helps to cross the boundaries between research, education and practices. It offers students a challenging learning environment and the possibility to have societal impact. In the past years we have carried out projects at different places throughout the Netherlands. Everywhere the project was well-organised, with a wide range of stakeholders available to share and discuss their ideas and experience with the students. The results of these projects have been published in different booklets and are regularly taken into account in the planning and decision-making practices. Education Project Services does not always offer simple solutions. It should not be seen as a consultancy office, but as an environment in which all stakeholders can learn something with and from each other. For teachers it enriches the methods and techniques available for academic teaching.

Planning and design education need to bring forward a new generation of reflexive professionals, that is not only able to make plans and organise planning processes, but also to objectify spatial planning practices and their own roles and responsibilities within these practices. Reflection can fuel and deepen debates about trends, deadlocks, drives and innovation. Wageningen University educated these reflexive practitioners by means of real life assignments organised by Education Project Services. 

Over the years we have witnessed that students have learned a lot from these projects and everywhere they have been able to present a new perspective upon the issue at hand and to provide interesting recommendations. This shows that Education Project Services offers students and teachers an invaluable environment to further develop academic and professional competences."