Library Catalogue and Global Search become WUR Library Search

Published on
January 23, 2018

On 26 March, WUR Library Search will be launched. WUR Library Search replaces Global Search and the Library catalogue.

When WUR Library Search is implemented, the following will be changed:

  1. Global Search and the Library catalogue will be no longer availbable.
  2. My Library can still be used, but WUR Library Search will have an additional option, My Account. My Account can be used to see your loans and to renew the loan term.
  3. Users outside WUR will have to create a new account if they still want to use My Library. They will receive instructions on this.

In the WUR Library Search you will immediately see where a publication is globally available and you can directly access or request it no matter where it’s located.  

Do you have ideas for the new WUR Library Search? Join our user panel! We’ll invite you to test the tool and you can share your ideas with us. Our user panel will meet once in February for 2 hours. Please sign up at the Servicedesk before 24 February.

WUR Library Search uses Worldcat Discovery. This is a cloud-based search tool used by many libraries in the Netherlands and across the world.

If you have other questions or remarks about the new library search tool, we also encourage you to contact our Servicedesk.

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