Funding arrangements

There are several options for getting Open Access publishing funded. Check out the latest agreements for Wageningen University & Research or for all Dutch universities at national level.

Agreements with publishers ('Gold Hybrid')

American Chemical Society (ACS)

Starting 1 January 2017, articles submitted by an author affiliated with a Dutch university will be published Open Access without charge in 57 ACS journals.


An agreement with Elsevier has been reached on 399 hybrid subscription journals in which Open Access publishing is allowed without additional fee. In order to publish your article Open Access in one of these journals the corresponding author must be affiliated at a Dutch university. For further instructions:

VSNU Workflow Screenshots


Corresponding Wageningen University & Research authors can use vouchers to make publications Open Access in 308 Emerald subscription journals. A limited number of vouchers is available and managed by the Library.


Corresponding Wageningen UR authors can make their publications Open Access for free in 98 Karger journals. You will get a 100% discount on the Open Access fee.The selection for which this discount holds contains 17 Open Access (Gold) journals (including the Biomedicine Hub) and 81 subscription journals.

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW)

Corresponding authors of 275 LWW journals can publish Open Access without extra costs. The deal runs from 2017-2019.

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

Corresponding authors can request a discount of 15% of the APC list price. Some RSC journals are excluded from this agreement, which runs through 2017. More information at

Sage 2017-2019

It has been agreed on 23 December 2016 that for 2017 to the end of 2019, researchers at Dutch universities and research institutions will be able to publish with Open access in 97% of the Sage journals. Full 100% open access is not yet possible because some societies have to give permission. Also, corresponding authors can request a discount of 20% for all full Open Access (Gold) journals of Sage.

For several journals a manuscript-processing fee will be charged.

These journals are included in the WUR Journal Browser.


Researchers can publish Open Access in 1684 Springer hybrid subscription journals as of January 2015 until the end of 2017 (Springer Open Choice). No APCs are applied to the corresponding authors of Wageningen University & Research. You will be offered the option to publish your article Open Access upon article acceptance, via the production system of Springer called ‘My Publication’.

Negotiations for a new deal are ongoing.

Taylor & Francis

An Open Access agreement has been reached with the Taylor & Francis Group. It includes that for the new licence package for 2017, that researchers connected with a Dutch institution will be able to publish OA in all Taylor & Francis and Routledge hybrid journals at no cost.


An agreement with Wiley is reached as of March 4th, 2016 for Open Access publishing by Wageningen University & Research researchers without additional costs in 1336 Wiley hybrid subscription journals.

  • Corresponding authors: Once your article is accepted,
    register or log-in to Wiley Author Services and click 'Order OnlineOpen'. You must indicate the Open Access option before submitting your manuscript via the Wiley Online Open order form. At submission, Wageningen University & Research must be selected. Please follow the instructions below:

WUR funds for Open Access journals

  • BioMed Central (BMC): first or corresponding Wageningen University & Research author pays less than half of the author processing charges
  • Cogitatio Press: 20% discount on the Open Access fee
  • Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI): first or corresponding Wageningen UR author gets a 25% discount on the Open Access fee
  • SpringerOpen (not to be confused with Springer Open Choice 'gold hybrid' subscription journals): first or corresponding Wageningen UR author pays less than half of the author processing charges.

Other funds

  • EU FP7 projects: OpenAire project has a post-grant pilot that runs until February 28, 2018. The program enables you to fund APCs (‘hybrid’  journals are excluded) for publications that originate from a FP7 program up to two years after it has been finalised. 3 publications per project can be funded, with a maximum of €2,000 per APC. The grant collects funding requests at publication acceptance time.
  • EU Horizon 2020: APCs (including ‘hybrid journals’) could be covered within the grant agreement. For APCs incurred after the end of their grant agreement, a mechanism for paying some of these costs will be piloted.