Self-archiving (Green Open Access)

Publish the author version of your accepted article via Staff Publications (Pure) or a trusted repository. Green Open Access - also known as self-archiving - refers to the practice of providing Open Access to a version of a work published in a closed-access (subscription) journal by depositing it in a repository.

Staff Publications is the repository of Wageningen University & Research. It contains bibliographical references and if possible a link to the full text. Wageningen University & Research supports Open Access by encouraging authors to file their articles in this repository.

How to self-archive the author version of an article

You can make your the digital draft of your article Open Access after it has been peer reviewed, but before it is published. This is also called the 'postprint'.

1. Check if the publisher of your article allows you to file the 'postprint' (example) in the repository. Check the list of journals or search in the SHERPA/RoMEO database.

2. Before offering the 'postprint' to Staff Publications, add a cover sheet to the publication. Download the template.

3. Send the document to the Library. WUR Library will ensure that the 'postprint' is made available through Staff Publications.

Public access to some publications can be limited by an embargo period by a publisher with a maximum of 24 months. Check the SPERPA/RoMEO database for the embargo period of a journal.