Library facilities

Wageningen University & Research - Library is a state of the art library in which visitors can find all the study facilities they need. The Library has various work stations, and offers a wide range of printing, copying and scanning options.

A large collection of handbooks, dictionaries, bibliographies and other resources help you with your studies and research, as do the Library staff and their expertise.


A wireless guest network  is available. The Library staff can help you set up an account. Network connecting points are available for laptops. You can borrow a network cable at the Lending Desk in the Forum Library. There is a limited number of guest pc's available for which you don't need a WUR account. You are advised to bring your own laptop.

WUR staff and students can log onto one of the pc's in the library, using their personal WUR account.


Multifunctional copiers are available for scanning, printing and copying. These multifunctionals use the 'eWallet', a payment system that has been integrated into the WUR card, which all students and employees have.

  • Students can add credit on their eWallet to print, to scan or to copy.
  • Employees can use the multifunctionals free of charge when using their WUR card.
  • Visitors who want to copy or print in the library can purchase a pre-paid eWallet in the atrium of the Forum. The card costs € 8.50 and comes with € 7.50 credit. It is possible to add credit to this card.

Study places

WUR Library offers a range of options to study and has over 600 study places. There are silent study rooms en several group study rooms to work together. In the Library drinking water from sealable bottles is allowed. Eating and snacking are only allowed outside the Library.

Lending Desk

If you have a question, please ask the library staff at the Lending Desk. The library staff can help you locate and request books, make reservations and find e-resources etc.

At the Lending Desk in the Forum Library you can purchase head phones and ear plugs. Maps of Wageningen are available, as are in the Leeuwenborch Library.