Reserving and ordering

Although the Library has over twenty-five kilometers of publications, we can't hold everything. That's why the Library offers a very fast and efficient document ordering service for employees and students of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) as well as for libraries and institutions (profit and non-profit) in the Netherlands and abroad.


    When you are searching the Library Catalogue for a book, you may find a book that is out on loan. If you are logged in to My Library you will see a ‘reserve’ button next to the return date of the copy of the book. You can reserve the copy that will be available first. The one thing you have to do is click on the reserve button and that copy will be reserved for you. As soon as the book is returned, you will receive an e-mail to come and pick it up in the Library. For Wageningen employees, the book is delivered directly to your desk. Do you want to know what you’ve reserved? You can go to My Library and check 'My Loans & Fines'.


    If you can't come to the Library, you can use the document ordering service for library items. This is a fee-based service. Below you will find an overview of the charges.

    Who can order?

    WUR staff and students, Dutch and foreign libraries all over the world can order publications, however books will not be sent to countries outside Europe. Individuals not affiliated (connected) with Wageningen University & Research should contact their local library. Conditions for online ordering and how online ordering works is explained below the overview of the charges.

    Charges for document ordering

    User category Loans Photocopies Rush service
    WUR staff free 1-10 pages €6.50 Each additional page €0.65 1-10 pages €13 Each additional page €1.30
    WUR students €6.50 per volume 1-10 pages €6.50 Each additional page €0.65 1-10 pages €13 Each additional page €1.30
    Netherlands - nonprofit organizations €6.50 per volume 1-10 pages €6.50 Each additional page €0.65 1-10 pages €26 Each additional page €2.60
    Netherlands - profit organizations* €13 per volume 1-10 pages €13 Each additional page €1.30 1-10 pages €26 Each additional page €2.60
    Europe - libraries & institutions €17 per volume 1-10 pages €13 Each additional page €1.30 1-10 pages €26 Each additional page €2.60
    World - libraries & institutions n.a. 1-10 pages €13 Each additional page €1.30 1-10 pages €26 Each additional page €2.60
    * VAT excluded


    Invoices will be issued monthly. You will find instructions for payment on the invoice. If you have any questions, please contact the Service Desk.

    Online ordering

    Conditions for online ordering

    To use the online document request service, the following conditions must be met:

    1. You must be registered as a borrower of WUR Library.
      WUR staff and students are automatically registered as borrowers.
      Others must register at the lending desk of one of the Wageningen UR Library locations
    2. You must be logged in to My Library. If you don't have a My Library account yet, you can set it up now.
    3. The e-mail address that you use for My Library and the e-mail address in our borrowers register must be the same. If you need to check the data in your borrower's registration record, please contact our Servicedesk.

    How does it work?

    1. Through the WUR Library Get it! service
      When you are using one of the Get it!-enabled bibliographic databases in the Wageningen Digital Library such as Scopus, click the Get it ! button and choose the option Request this publication from WUR Library. Then follow the instructions on the screen.
    2. By clicking the 'request this publication' link
      In the Library Catalogue and some of the other databases you will not see an Get it!-button with each record. Instead, a link request this publication will appear in the upper right hand corner of the record. Click this link, then follow the instructions on the screen.
    3. By filling out an empty request form
      If you have a reference from some other source and can't find it in any of the databases, you can fill out an empty request form. You can use one of the forms below:

    If you have any problems with the ordering process, please contact the Service Desk.

    Delivery time of requested publications

    • Journal articles: 24 to 48 hours
    • Books: 48 hours to one week

    Default delivery is by e-mail. Contact the Library in case you haven’t received any book or article after a week.

    What if we don't have it?

    WUR staff: requests will automatically be processed through the Dutch Inter Library Lending Service.

    WUR students : will be asked to accept the charges
    involved before the request is processed.

    The Library can also request any publication from abroad. Because of the higher charges for this service the library always contacts you before submitting the request. Charges for loans and photocopies from other libraries through Inter Library Lending will be determined by these libraries.

    Others: the request will be returned to the requesting library or organization.