EPIZONE European Research Group

EPIZONE European Research Group (ERG) is the international network of veterinary research institutes working on epizootic animal diseases and plays a key role in research on prevention, detection and control of animal diseases of poultry, swine, fish, sheep, cattle, horses and wildlife in order to reduce both the risks and the harm to animal health in the EU and beyond.

May 2012 the successful EPIZONE EU Network of Excellence for Epizootic Disease Diagnosis and Control (2006-2012) has turned into a European Research Group (ERG).

Through creation of the EPIZONE ERG we want to keep the successful EPIZONE community together and even enlarge it. Continuing the international fruitful cooperation should also enable us to generate extra research funding.

The former partners of the EPIZONE Network of Excellence are the founding partners of the ERG. In the EPIZONE ERG these founding partner institutes will participate in cooperative research and also support the ERG financially. The Central Veterinary Institute, in the Netherlands by ProfessorWim H. M.van der Poel will continue as the coordinator of EPIZONE.

In EPIZONE over 300 scientists worldwide strive for the common EPIZONE goal, to improve, standardise, and develop (new):

  • diagnostic methods
  • vaccines, intervention strategies
  • surveillance, epidemiology studies
  • risk analyses

for better prevention and control of infectious animal diseases like foot and mouth disease, avian influenza, classical swine fever and arthropod borne (tick and midge) diseases such as bluetongue, African swine fever, African horse sickness, Crimean Congo haemorrhagic fever and West Nile fever. In general infectious animal diseases of poultry, swine, fish, sheep, cattle, horses and wildlife.