Market Intelligence

Market intelligence uses current information to forecast developments. The objective is to assist organisations in their decision-making in uncertain circumstances by identifying market opportunities, devising strategies and following developments in the market. Market intelligence, which extends beyond market research, is based on product analyses, competition analyses, consumer analyses and, of great importance to the identification of future opportunities and threats, market analyses.

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Raw data with expert knowledge

Organisations often lack information about the competition and developments in markets other than their markets. Wageningen Economic Research can carry out a comprehensive external analysis and interpret developments in the broader sphere in terms of strategic options for the client. Reviews of this nature require not only raw data, but also require knowledge. The added value of Wageningen Economic Research's market intelligence is the result of this combination of data and the expert knowledge of the institute's researchers, partners and the businesses in the sector.

Why opt for Wageningen Economic Research?

Wageningen Economic Research, with 75 years' experience in research, has developed a unique food market knowledge network. Wageningen Economic Research possesses the data, expertise and network required to determine a substantiated strategy both quickly and at an affordable price. Wageningen Economic Research's unique combination of data, models and knowledge offers innovative insights and integrated advice on policy and decision-making – and in turn makes a contribution to a more sustainable world.