Releases (versions) of the model are available for internal (within Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra) and external use. Versions have already been applied to various hardware platforms, such as PC/MS-DOS, SUN/UNIX, VAX/VMS. Switching between platforms and their corresponding compilers causes no problems, because the code is written in relatively simple plain near-standard Fortran77/90. There is no Windows version.

The model is normally available as an executable release, which is nearly always delivered for MS-DOS personal computers. In a few joint projects the model was made operational on specific hardware systems. So far the source code has only been made available within joint projects.

For non-commercial use in an academic environment the ANIMO model can be used free of charge.

We can not provide help-desk services and we do not have budget for assisting.

We highly appreciate to learn from other's experiences and therefore we demand for feed-back on the results obtained with the ANIMO model.

The documentation of the model consists of:

The model can be obtained by taking notice of the general terms and conditions and by filling in the agreement.

Support of the ANIMO model

  • We appointed a configuration manager who gives limited support through E-mail
  • We apply strict version control
  • We can supply some graphical tools to facilitate the analysis of model results