biodiverse environment

Biodiverse environment

The role of biodiversity in society is changing. The concept of natural capital has brought us into an era where people increasingly recognize that our society actually depends on nature for its future existence. Natural capital is of central importance to the economy and people’s welfare now and in the future. It is defined as ‘the elements of nature that directly and indirect produce value or benefits to people’. An important aim for the future is to find solutions that reduce the continuing pressures on our environment and which stop the decline of biodiversity and the ongoing degradation of ecosystem functioning. The preservation and regeneration of our natural capital for future generations forms the backbone of sustainable development.

Cooperation on a biodiverse environment

Together with our clients and partners, Wageningen Environmental Research looks for solutions to conserve and stimulate biodiversity not only by applying our scientific knowledge of nature conservation, but also by identifying and responding to change. Alongside conserving biodiversity and constructing resilient ecosystems, we are eager to intensify agriculture in an ecologically responsible manner and use nature as a partner. We are a knowledge partner for funders, policymakers, legislators and regulators, supporters, users, philanthropists and managers of governmental agencies, commercial parties and NGOs.

Biodiversity is life and life support

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