Green Growth

Green Growth

The 'Green Growth' programme focuses on economic growth using green business models in the Biobased and Circular Economy, among which 'Nature-Based Solutions', and initiatives regarding Corporate Social Responsibility. Unique about this programme is the balance between economy and nature.

Cooperation on green growth

Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra) applies its expertise with stakeholders for whom economic growth is a central objective. Working for green growth means therefore working on a highly urgent challenge of a sustainable future for ourselves and for generations to follow. It also means working in a creative and scientific environment that provides tangible solutions and a win-win situation for stakeholders involved. If we manage to disrupt the traditional (linear) way of economic growth and replace it with a more sustainable and enduring green growth, we will unlock an ocean of possibilities for innovation and prosperity for humankind.

We develop opportunities for growth, balancing economy and nature

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