Our Programmes

We organise our work around six interlinked programmes:

Food & Nutrition Security

Enhancing food security and reducing hunger amidst the global challenges of achieving sustainable and healthy food for all.

Sustainable Markets

Creating the enabling environment, value-chain linkages and entrepreneurial capacity for pro-poor and environmentally friendly agri-food business development.

Adaptive Agriculture

Rethinking and redesigning agricultural systems in response to growing food demand, declining natural resources and climate change.

Ecosystem Governance

Reframing the way decisions are made about the sustainable use, sharing and management of natural resources.

Conflict, Disaster & Reconstruction

Supporting CDI partners in responding to the complexities of enhancing development in areas affected by crisis, through interactive research, capacity development, training and supporting policy development and dialogue.

Innovation & Change

Creating the processes and capacities for learning, conflict transformation, dealing with changing power relations, innovation and shared decision-making that underpin sustainable and equitable development. This is our core expertise and is embedded in our other five programmes.