Adaptive Agriculture

What do we do?

The renewed interest in agriculture has brought multi-dimensional challenges: while keeping pace with the environment, climate change, animal welfare and human health, agriculture is also expected to play a key role in poverty alleviation and national economic development. The Adaptive Agriculture programme supports those working in agri-food production systems to tackle the impacts of growing demand, climate change and natural resource decline. We help stakeholders to assess the technical, strategic and institutional alternatives, and thus bring about innovative solutions.

We address challenges

The world faces enormous challenges:

  • Feeding the growing population
  • Adapting to climate change
  • Producing and processing food sustainably
  • Emerging diseases

We realise that these multi-dimensional challenges require cooperation between different stakeholders within agricultural production systems. We combine our expertise with that of Wageningen UR’s Science Groups to offer knowledge services that link technical knowledge with processes of innovation and stakeholder management.

Our crop and livestock systems need to change if we are to produce and distribute more and better products with fewer resources, and less waste. Complimentarily, we offer advisory services as well as regular and tailor made courses and seminars/workshop by supporting our clients projects/programme by focusing on three key themes of agriculture systems:

  • Developing (sectors with) robust & adaptive production systems: making farmers’ production systems more robust
  • Dependable and quality input & service supply: making sure that the inputs and services required by farmers are available and of good quality
  • Promoting good agricultural practices: promoting good agricultural practices

We are technical specialists

Our team members are specialists in agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, aquaculture, agro-forestry, gender, environment, and HIV&AIDS. We speak the language of technical people as well as that of managers, policy makers and civil society actors. Our strength is translating between theory, policy and practice in the world of agricultural and rural development.

We are strategic players

At a strategic level, we are an active player in the emerging debate on the role of agriculture in development and climate change adaptation. This is complemented by much of the work we do for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation across the globe on organisational development, sector restructuring, and facilitating dialogue and change processes.

We shape conducive institutional environments

Robust agricultural output requires effective services and inputs in a conducive institutional environment. We provide support for new forms of agricultural research, extension and service provision that better integrate the inputs from government, agribusiness, NGOs