Food & Nutrition Security

What do we do?

The Food & Nutrition Security programme supports its partners to enhance food security and reduce hunger amidst global challenges to achieve sustainable and healthy food for all. We do this through capacity development and training, supporting policy processes and enabling dialogue.

We tackle hunger

Despite the progress achieved in increasing food production, one sixth of the world’s population still goes hungry. Events such as food price rises and food riots have added urgency. There is also a growing realisation that (technological) agricultural solutions alone will not suffice to solve this. Issues such as distribution, economic inequality and sub-optimal utilisation of food should be taken into account as well. Food security and nutrition are making a comeback on the international development agenda.

We promote food security

Food security doesn’t just mean having access to food, but also being able to consume and utilise it in a way that ensures physical and mental health. Without good nutrition people cannot realise their potential and make a contribution to society.

We support the right to food

While the right to sufficient food is enshrined in the declaration of human rights, it has largely been ignored for a long time. A proactive rights-based approach to nutrition is now emerging, replacing the traditional food-as-charity and needs-based approaches.

We are strategic specialists

Food & Nutrition Security is a specialised and well-placed programme within the Wageningen UR tradition of agriculture, food and human nutrition. Our niche is a food-security approach to nutrition in developing countries.