Innovation & Change

What do we do?

The Innovation & Change programme lies at the heart of Wageningen Centre for Developent Innovation's mandate. We enable people and organisations to act strategically in the face of complexity. We do this by helping to create the understanding and skills needed to work together, innovate, deal with differences, and bring about positive change. Innovation & Change is our core expertise and is embedded in all our programmes.

We facilitate innovation

Bringing about positive social change requires strategic and creative approaches. We facilitate innovation, broker knowledge and develop capacities with a focus on food systems, rural development, agri-business and the management of natural resources. Our work links Wageningen UR’s knowledge and expertise with processes of society-wide learning and innovation.

We devise learning strategies

The social, political and institutional changes needed to overcome poverty, inequalities and to protect the environment lag far behind mankind’s technological progress. New strategies for learning and governance are critical; strategies that enable a greater understanding of the complexity and conflicts around fundamental economic, political and cultural changes in society.

We address issues of complexity and change

Communities, networks and different organisations need strategies to cope with complexity, uncertainty and rapid change as they strive to create an equitable and sustainable future. Reinforcing and developing capacities on governance issues in areas of conflicting interests are increasingly becoming the core of our portfolio. Dealing with power differences is another core focus.

Our cross-cutting theme

The Innovation & Change theme underpins and crosscuts all our work by providing participatory and learning oriented approaches for facilitating innovation, understanding institutions and enabling social change.